Season 0: Welcome to Argenia!


You receive a strange letter from your Uncle Rory asking for your help. But what starts out as a simple task for a quick payday suddenly turns into a mission filled with danger and intrigue. Can you foil the plot and save the day before it’s too late? Will you be the hero that Argenia longs for? Can this be yet another rhetorical question?

Difficulty: 4/5
Recommended team size: 2-5 intermediate and advanced puzzlers looking for a challenge!
Requirements: desktop/laptop computers with Chrome or Edge, communications (e.g. Zoom, Skype), at least one Facebook account
Duration: 90-120 minutes
Cost: $25 per team

Welcome to Argenia!

Top Scores of the Week

Team Rating* Time

Top Scores of the Month

Team Rating* Time

Top Scores of All Time

Team Rating* Time
[Redacted] 146.88 00:34:26
The Blitzketeers 139.01 00:44:32
Dangerous Games 133.85 00:51:07
Detective Pancake 132.46 00:49:46
Bob 128.16 00:47:23
* Ratings are based on a top-secret, sophisticated computation that considers your time to solve, mistakes made, and help required.

Season 1: The Roar of the Republic


The Republic of Argenia once was a quiet, melancholy home full of peace, tranquility, and redundant cliches. Now, it seems there is snarling evil growing in the shadows. You’ve proven your worth and you are being called back to save the day once more! But be careful, the truth isn’t always what it seems (hey, we said we’d use cliches).